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Double the Color, Double the R U N

The happiest 5K on Earth came to Wilmington!

On Sunday, April 3rd, hundreds of runners (and joggers and walkers) ran a course that began and ended on UNCW’s campus, being blasted with color powder at EIGHT color stations; according to the Color Me Rad site that’s “literally double” the amount of color blast stations of any other color race. Color Me Rad introduced a color gel in 2015 and it was a crowd favorite, so in addition to the color powder, runners were “slimed” full 90’s-Nickelodeon style. Everyone’s childhood dreams came true! If only we could have the honor of being slimed by Nick Jonas. *swoon*

The color powder is gluten-free, and promises not to cause rashes or irritation, a definite plus if you’re planning on a post-race selfie. Speaking of selfies, the sign-up packet this year included the usual: Color Me Rad tee, a temporary RAD tattoo, one color pack, and–a new addition–the “Goo Guard” phone case, which was free with your registration and will protect your phone during all slime-related shenanigans. So sweet of them, right? 

This was the most colorful event of the season and everyone in attendance was more than happy to “be the rainbow.”

Olivia is a senior at UNCW, majoring in Creative Writing. She enjoys color coding all things possible and hanging string lights year-round.
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