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Derrick Pace, Campus Cutie

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCW chapter.

Name: Derrick Pace

Age: 22

Major/Concentration: Business Administration/ Concentration in Management 

Year: I will be a senior next fall!

Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina

Relationship Status: Right now I am currently riding solo, taking time to enjoy myself and staying busy with everyday life. Someday I hope to find “that special someone” who can embark with me on this journey we call life.


Derrick is a fun-loving, hard-working business student of many passions. His hobbies include making music, beach life and eating. He has also gotten a taste of the limelight by way of the film industry.

HC: What is your favorite thing about living in Wilmington?

DP: My favorite things about living in Wilmington are the beach, weather, people and school. No matter what day of the week it is, there’s always something you can look forward to, whether it’s hanging out with friends, surfing, walking on the beach, or attending a concert. For the most part the weather is beautiful and that usually is enough to make me happy.


HC: How do you spend your free time?

DP: I don’t usually have a lot of free time, so when I do, I take complete advantage of it. When I’m not in school or studying, you will find me writing music, working out, running, drawing, practicing instruments, surfing, hanging out with friends, or illegally sitting in the hot tub at the Holiday Inn.

I try to balance these activities as much as I can, but as we all know, school has its ways of taking priority.I love to cook and eat unique foods. Yes kind of weird, but eating is one of my hobbies. If you like to eat, we would get along.


HC: Tell us about how you got into acting.

DP: I began acting about nine months ago. I never really pictured myself being behind the camera, or getting into film, but I have greatly enjoyed it thus far. Last summer, I received an email asking if I would like to work as an extra on the TV show “Sleepy Hollow.” I went out and gave it a shot and had an absolute blast. Shortly after, I began receiving calls asking me to work about every other week. After working on about five episodes, I was approached about playing a featured role by the name of “Young Miller” for two episodes. Long story short, I ended up getting selected and playing the role. It was a great experience to be involved in this type of creativity.

I have also been featured for a few episodes on Eli Roth’s new production, “South of Hell.”  I believe season one begins airing this fall on WE TV; I highly encourage you all to check it out. I have never had any formal training or serious time to dedicate to acting. I hope to someday have the opportunity to further explore and enrich myself in this industry.

HC: Tell us about your music project.

DP: Right now, I am currently in the process of starting my new project. This has been quite the process of getting everything together, but I am about ready to release this baby to the world.  Growing up, I played guitar, drums, piano and sang. Creativity is a beautiful, yet mysterious thing we sometimes can’t grasp. However, I am very exited to share the new sound with you all. I have always been into a multitude of genres, such as reggae, rock, blues, jazz, rap, metal, and “crunkcore” haha just kidding… no but really, that’s a genre.

This project will have a more alternative/ rock flavor kind of like Incubus, Audio Slave, etc. When writing, I have tried to make the vocals a little more melodic and use a variety of seventh chords in the chord progressions. In terms of live shows, there will be various covers along with written material.This summer, I am hoping to get a 15 to 20-show east coast tour lined up for the month of July. The last project I started had a great deal of success, so it will be interesting to see where this goes.

If you’re reading this article, please don’t be afraid to friend me on Facebook or any other social media website to stay updated. Trust me, you wont want to miss out.


HC: What’s the best and worst things about living on Wrightsville Beach?

DP: The best part about living on Wrightsville Beach is the location. The ocean is your backyard. You can walk to the beach bars, surf, swim, etc. We also have a dock, so it’s nice to sit outside and watch the sunsets. I am very fortunate and thankful for the opportunity to live there this year. My friends and I have created some memories that will last a lifetime. The only disadvantage to living on Wrightsville Beach is the distance from campus and the drawbridge. You always have to leave a little early for class in order to make it on time.


HC: How would you describe your style?

DP: In terms of style, I usually go for everything that’s not popular or the current trend. Yes, always dress with some fashion of course, but make it interesting. I love companies that are all-natural or support a cause, such as Toms or Satori. Most of my friends say I am usually the only one who can pull off how I dress. Sometimes I look ridiculous, other times I look nice. It usually just depends on the occasion.


HC: What would you like to do after graduation?

DP: As of now, I am not entirely sure what I want to do after graduation. I guess it really depends on what I am doing at the time. I know I would like to continue my music career whether it’s performing, touring, recording, or studying. I would also like to dive back into acting and filming. With the film industries moving to Atlanta,Georgia and California, there’s no telling where I could end up. It’s all a ride and I am stoked to see where it takes me.


HC: Do you have a favorite sea creature?

DP: My favorite sea creature is a Lion Fish. I think its so fascinating that creatures can be so beautiful yet so poisonous. I always enjoy watching them swim.


HC: What’s your favorite song lyric/song?

DP: My musical tastes are changing by the day. My favorite song lyric is “Stop, look, and listen baby, that’s my philosophy” from the track Rubberneckin’ by Elvis Presley. For one Elvis is a badass, and two, I love to stop and enjoy the simple things in life. Slowing down and taking a look around is what it’s all about. Right now, my favorite song is “In the Middle of the Night” by 8ball and MJG. This song will always put you in the mood. Give it a listen.


HC: What are 3 qualities you look for in a girl?

DP: Three qualities I look for in a girl are motivation, happiness, and outgoingness.

Sierra is a Communication Studies major, and finally a senior! In addition to writing for Her Campus, she is the Lifestyles Editor for UNCW's student newspaper, The Seahawk. She is the Social Media Chair for the university's Style and Modeling Company (STYMO). In her free time, you can most likely find her catching a concert at Ziggy's by the Sea in downtown Wilmington.