Campus Cutie: Lauren Rota

Name: Lauren Rota

Age: 19

Year: Sophomore

Major: Computer Science minor in Digital Arts

Hometown: Apex, NC

Relationship Status: single af


Fun Facts

Favorite Movie: The Iron Giant (childhood classic and a non-Disney animation that any age can watch)

Dream Job: Software Engineer (basically program all day long) and when I retire to be an artist and have my own studio.

Favorite Food: Toss-up between burgers and fries or pasta.

Dream Vacation: Backpacking across Europe.

Perfect Saturday: Being a beach bum with a book and a paddle board.

Her Campus: What are you involved with on campus?

Lauren Rota: I’m a member of the Paddle Board club; I started paddle boarding a few years ago and I’m thoroughly addicted. And I am a part of the SIGGRAPH club (computer animation and graphics club).


HC: What is currently on your Netflix list?

LR: Too much I need to cut back, but the ones I’m most looking forward to watching: Altered Carbon, Wynonna Earp, Blind Date, Pete’s Dragon and The Get Down.  Have watched: Criminal Minds, Agents of Shield (lost track so I need to get back to watching it), IZombie (also lost track and need to get back to it), and Galavant.


HC: What would be your perfect concert lineup and why?

LR: Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Summer Set, and Ke$ha.  Panic and Fall Out Boy are really good to rock out to, The Summer Set is a newfound love and they’re the perfect beachy vibe, and Ke$ha is my favorite solo artist. Seeing her live is on the bucket list.


HC: Where is your favorite place to eat in Wilmington? What’s your order?

LR: Genki Sushi is by far the best sushi restaurant I’ve ever been to; I usually order a miso soup, the crunchy roll and the California roll.

HC: Describe your dream date.

LR: Going somewhere to eat, it can be anywhere as long as the foods good. Then to the beach to just hang out or going paddle boarding would be a bonus; mostly just talking and get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company.


HC: What is your “guilty pleasure” movie and why?

LR: My guilty pleasure movie would be "Homeward Bound." I watched it a lot as a kid and can almost quote it line for line; it’s a guilty pleasure because I usually wind up tearing up at the end.

[Photos courtesy of Lauren Rota]