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Campus Cutie: Kaylee Breckenridge


Name: Kaylee Breckenridge

Year: Freshman

Major: Exercise Science and History

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Relationship Status: Single AF

Favorite Musician: Thomas Rhett

Favorite TV Show: Stranger Things

Favorite Food: Wings

Favorite Color: Teal


HC: What do you like to do on campus?

KB: Go to basketball or baseball games.

HC: Why did you choose UNCW?

KB: It was the cheapest.

HC: What's your ideal first date?

KB: Ice cream at Johnny Mercer’s Pier. 

HC: Do you have any hidden talents?

KB: Unfortunately not.

HC: What is your dream job?

KB: Athletic Trainer for the Carolina Panthers.

HC: What is one thing you've learned while being a college student?

KB: I have learned that 8 a.m.'s are the worst, and that food is expensive.

Rachel is a senior and Creative Writing major/English minor at UNCW. She loves to write about entertainment and often publishes listicles on her favorite movies, music, and TV. Rachel is probably rereading the Percy Jackson books, watching comedy specials on Netflix, or petting a dog right about now. Sometimes, she's doing all three.
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