Campus Cutie: Jason Fulmer

Name: Jason Fulmer

Age: 21

Hometown: Cary, NC

Major: Psychology

Minor: Criminology

Instagram: @fasonjulmer

Snapchat: @jason_fulmer


Go-to Karaoke song: Piano Man - Billy Joel

Favorite food/meal: Mexican food/quesadillas

Favorite book: A child called “It”

Perfect Date: My perfect date would consist of a whole day set aside to do whatever we want. Most likely start out with breakfast, a beach visit with lunch would be a must. And possibly go see a movie or something along those lines, we would also eno at the park and finish with dinner

Must have movie theater snacks: A must have movie theater snack is popcorn of course, and then either Snickers or Twix!

Her Campus: What made you transfer to UNCW?

Jason Fulmer: My main reason for transferring to UNCW was because I love the beach and I wanted to continue my education further after I finished my associates at Wake Tech. Additionally, I had a few friends who already went here as well as a few close friends that wanted to transfer with me. I am very happy with my decision to transfer, I love the school, the people and the connections I have made since I have been here.


HC: Describe your dream job. 

JF: My dream job would be something along the lines of helping individuals with mental disorders gain access to the proper treatment for them to regain their normal life. The main reasons for getting into the psychology field have to do with criminals who have mental disorders going to prison rather than to a mental institution for rehabilitation.

HC: If you were planning a movie marathon, what would be on the list?

JF: If I were to plan a movie marathon, my list would be (in no particular order): Shutter Island, Moana, Avengers, Deadpool and Wolf of Wallstreet


HC: Favorite tattoo you have and why?

JF: My favorite tattoo has to be the one on my right thigh, it’s a piece that I enjoy seeing every day and in addition, it is for my sister who lives in Hawaii, I felt that it was a great expression of how her and I both love the beach and warm weather.

HC: Describe your dream vacation.

JF: My dream vacation would be a very long trip and it would be one busy vacation. I would visit my sister in Hawaii first and after that, I would love to hit a few key spots such as Ireland, Germany, Iceland and Australia would be the last visiting spot. I would just like to explore the areas and see what it has to offer while I am there.

[Photos courtesy of Jason Fulmer]