Campus Celeb: Rifka Roth

Name: Rifka Roth

Year: Sophomore

Major: Film and Communication Studies double-major

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Favorite show to binge: The Office

Favorite beverage: Peach Tea!

HC: How would you describe your style of art?  

RR: Very funky and abstract; I honestly don’t know exactly what style it would be considered but it’s very Picasso inspired. I also do somewhat realistic pieces of celebrities—but those are still abstract in a way. I make them out of any squiggles/lines/shapes I can draw.

HC: When/How did you begin making art? 

RR: My mom is an artist so I’ve been around art my whole life. I took a few art classes in high school but it was never something I intended to pursue. Then, one day of my freshman year of college, I doodled this funky head and posted it on my Instagram and a friend of mine really liked it and told me he’d pay me to make him one. A couple more of my friends/people I knew asked for some, so I decided I’d make an Instagram just to post pictures of them and keep track of the ones I’ve done. From there it just kind of took off, more people started following the Instagram and commissioning paintings and in a year I had sold over 100 pieces plus stickers and t-shirts.

HC: What inspires your art?  

RR: Picasso is my biggest inspiration. But other than that, I’ve always just loved really bright and solid colors. I love bold, black outlines and abstract faces.


HC: What is your favorite piece that you have created?

Last year someone commissioned me to make a 2 ft by 3 ft portrait of Chance the Rapper. I think it came out so well and I love the colors I used for it. It was also the first big commission I had been asked to do so it made me really proud.


HC: Do you have any other cool hobbies? 

RR: Art has become a huge part of my life in the past year but it’s not ultimately my passion. I want to pursue film and mainly love editing films.


HC: What is your spirit animal?  

RR: Definitely a ferret. I used to have 3.


Now, for what everyone is wondering...

HC: How do I purchase your art?!

RR: I market mainly from my Instagram! @rifruff. You can just DM me on there to commission something or email me at [email protected]. There’s a link to buy my t-shirts in my Instagram bio, but you can also just go to 

[Photos courtesy of Rifka Roth]