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Dating apps are truly terrifying; dating, in general, is a little terrifying too. My last experience taught me something truly important about relationships in general. I began talking to a guy via Tinder over winter break. We went out a few times and he seemed like a sweet nerdy guy. And that was good for me to put myself out there but this guy began texting and snapchatting me messages that were rude and unsettling. No, luckily I did not receive any “junk mail” but he became a real creep when he was not communicating with me in person.

We went out twice over the break. The first time we talked we met at Panera and talked for a few hours. And for the first date, we went ice skating which was fine. Then he wanted to try and meet up again before I had to go out of town to visit my family for the holidays. We were texting each other ideas for our next date and he responded with a list.


His text read:

Here I’ll give you options of “things you could want to do”:

  1. Me. (insert suggestive smile emoji here)


There were other non-sexual activities on the list below his first idea but once I saw that I became grossed out by him. I did not see him again after that. I looked to my friends with more dating experience for advice. They said that some guys were like that and I could just ignore it. So I did. I kept talking to him even though every night he texted me something sexually charged. I NEVER  sent him anything horny like he did to me. I would just ignore him after he sent the first gross message of the night.

He called me on my way back from break because he wanted to know when I would be home again. He told me that if he did not see me within the next few months he would begin to lose interest. UMMM OK HUN BYE BYE! After he said that I easily stopped talking to him. I ended the phone call shortly after telling him I would not be home for a long time.

I figured that I had successfully ghosted him because for the next two weeks of being back in school he had not contacted me. Unfortunately, after those two weeks, he had not taken my hint of prolonged silence and started messaging me again. I was annoyed. My patience had run dry so I shut the whole thing down.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, tell the other person how they screwed up. Hopefully, they will take your words to heart and not treat the next person in their life the same way. Look out for one another ladies!! And as one of my favorite celebrities Ellen Degeneres always says:

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Hannah Rzepka is a senior at UNCW studying communication studies with a concentration in marketing. She enjoys creative writing alongside her studies and aspires to be a published author in the near future. Hannah has been writing for HerCampus UNCW for almost four years and has cherished every second of it!! 
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