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Last night on NBC, the fourth episode of the sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (B99) premiered and fans were forced to say goodbye to Gina Linetti. Gina (played by Chelsea Peretti) has been on the show since the beginning as Jake Peralta’s childhood best friend and Captain Holt’s administrative assistant. After five seasons of Gina basically running the 99th precinct, she’s exiting stage left. Gina’s plans for the future are left up in the air, but according to this interview with Peretti from TV Line, Gina will be returning for at least one more episode later this season.

Gina’s been one of the best characters on B99 because of her unwavering confidence, fabulous sense of style, and affinity for the phone game Kwazy Cupcakes. She’s also had some of the best one-liners. Today, we celebrate Gina Linetti with a list of her best moments and quotes. Let’s go Nine-Nine!


When she understood the importance of leaving a legacy:

When she knew how to punctuate the end of a great argument:

When she showed us that it’s okay to give up sometimes:

The many times Gina proved that confidence is key:

And, most importantly, when she marched to the beat of her own drum:

Thank you, Gina Linetti. You taught us to carry hairdryers in our purses and to be our ultimate best selves. We’ll miss you at the 99th precinct.

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