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Amanda McGahey, Upcoming ACE President

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCW chapter.

Name: Amanda McGahey

Age: 21

Major: Communication Studies with a Psychology Minor

Year: Junior

Hometown: Cary, NC



Hoodie Allen, Homecoming, Last Seahawk Standing, Jay Pharoah, Teal Tuesday and Fan Jam. Have you ever wondered who the mastermind behind all these events around campus was? It’s a team of dedicated students who are a part of the campus organization called ACE. But, with so many weekly events, things can get a little hectic around the ACE office. Each year ACE selects a president to lead and oversee each committee, among their various other tasks. 

Meet Amanda McGahey, the fearless president for the 2015-2016 school year! 

HC: What led you to join ACE; did you ever think you would be the president when you joined?

Amanda: In high school, I was really involved in planning events like Spirit Weeks, Homecoming tailgates, and other dances. When I started touring schools, I kind of figured that’s (event planning) what I was looking to do as a career. I came to the “Just Juniors” day at UNCW and believe someone handed me an ACE informational flyer. I held onto it and was one of the top reasons I chose to come to UNCW. Being a scared but excited freshman, the thought of serving as President of any large organization was nonexistent. I didn’t really start thinking about it until I got more and more involved in the organization and formed many friendships with not only the members, but the advisors as well.

HC: Are there any events that you have in your pocket to bring to campus next year?

Amanda: I really want to bring another hit concert like we did with Hoodie this year. We came SO close (like 40 seats close) to completely selling the show out so I think it’d be awesome to bring a talent to campus that sells out Kenan.

HC:Where do you want to see ACE and UNCW in the next five years?

Amanda: I would like to see ACE and UNCW keep up the traditions that are unique to UNCW. The ultimate, and maybe personal goal, would be for everyone to wear Teal on “Teal Tuesdays.”

HC: What are you post-graduation goals?

Amanda: I’m still a junior so thankfully, I don’t have to worry about landing a job just yet. But my goal is to find a job in either event planning or PR. I think my ideal place to live following graduation would be Charlotte, Nashville, or Florida.

HC: What has been your greatest accomplishment since coming to UNCW?

Amanda: Becoming President of such an amazing and fantastic organization! 

HC: What is the craziest, legal, thing you have done since your freshman year?

Amanda: Skydiving! My dad’s birthday present for me was to go. It was seriously the coolest thing ever. Fun fact though: the original parachute got tangled when the instructor released it so he had to pull the emergency parachute. I had no clue this had happened until we had landed on the ground! They even had to drive a van over to come and get me and the instructor because we couldn’t land where they usually do. It’s safe to say my dad was mortified and I’m never going to test my luck with skydiving again.

HC: What’s your favorite thing about UNCW?

Amanda: I love all the unique traditions we have here that no other school can claim! No one else in North Carolina can say they celebrate the beginning of the school year with a giant beach party with fantastic prizes and food.

HC: Okay last question so I have to make it good, if you could be any Disney character who would you be and why?

Amanda: Ariel! She lives underwater and has the best friends (Flounder and Sebastian). She had the best of both worlds when she got to live underwater AND on land!