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9 UNCW Social Media Accounts You Should Be Following

Get in the know with your campus! These are the top UNCW accounts on all social media platforms that could get you free food, prizes, or lead you to amazing events!


1. UNCW Campus Dining

Instagram: @uncw_dining

Twitter: @UNCWDining

If food is very near and dear to your heart then following campus dining is a must. This account posts everything from the new UNCW food truck to special contests! The dining crew also frequently has a table set up with free T-shirts and other prizes around campus. Especially with Wagsgiving coming up, you don’t want to miss out on the updates! 


2. Study Abroad

Instagram: @uncwstudyabroad

If this account doesn’t inspire you to travel, I don’t know what will. Add some variety to your feed with breathtaking views of exotic countries and read experiences from UNCW students. Plus, this will give you some ideas on where to travel on your future study abroad trip!


3. UNCW Crushes and Seahawk Stalkers

Facebook: UNCW Crushes and Seahawk Stalkers

Basically if you’re a UNCW student your goal before you graduate is to get on this page. Guys and girls can submit a shout out to a cutie they saw on campus that day but never got their name or number. Although it is not “officially” a UNCW page, it is definitely the talk of the campus.


4. Surf Club

Instagram: @uncwsurf

Honestly, they just have really amazing videos of the team surfing, and it’s really interesting to watch. The club also has events for the public to come check out; the most recent was a costume and surf contest for Halloween. If you’re really interested in surfing (or wish you could surf like me) then definitely give them a follow!


5. Student Government

Instagram: @uncwsga

Get in the know by following student government! The account mainly posts contests and events that are currently happening around campus. From free T-shirts to a Mug shot contest, student gov has got you covered!


6. Sharky’s Game Room

Twitter: @SharkysGRBO

Sharky’s twitter account has all your entertainment needs for your weekend! Thursday nights at Sharky’s is happy hour, which means free games and pizza from 4-6 p.m.! This account is linked with the Lumina Theater to provide the weekly schedule, so you can finally see that movie everyone has been talking about. Sharky’s also provides information about UNCWeekends, a club which holds exciting events like paintball trips or visiting Carowinds.


7. UNCW Rewards App

Download: UNCW Rewards

Get rewarded just for going to sporting events! This app gives you points every time you go to a UNCW athletics game. After racking up enough points, you can receive prizes such as spirit wear or gift cards. If you frequently go to basketball, soccer, volleyball, or any game in-between, this app is definitely worth it!


8. Ride Share Group

Facebook: UNC-Wilmington Ride Share Group

Need a ride? We got you. This Facebook page is only for UNCW students who are travelling over the weekend. Want to visit home but you don’t have a car? No problem. People on the page go everywhere from Charlotte to New Jersey, someone is bound to go the same place you are, all they ask is to chip in for gas! This is also nice if you have a car, you can meet someone new and save a little money on gas.


9. Her Campus UNCW

Instagram: @hercampusuncw

Facebook: Her Campus UNC-Wilmington

If you read our stories online, you should follow our social media, too! We post stories every week, and we often have exciting events or giveaways, so don’t miss out!


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