8 Things Every Seahawk Can Be Thankful For

1. Emphasis on Study Abroad

UNCW offers the opportunity for students to study abroad in more than 50 countries! Professors and staff members really encourage us to take the opportunity while we have the chance.

2.  Wilmywood

Wilmington has a lot of film history, whether it’s Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, or various Nicholas Sparks’ movies. With this, comes the chance to be a paid extra in tons of shows and movies being filmed here!

3. Recreation Center

Our new rec center not only has several group exercise classes, touch screen TV's on the equipment, a climbing wall, and two pools,we also have an entire Adventure Center department dedicated to offering students affordable explorations and voyages along the southeast coast.

4. Academics

UNCW is one public institution where students can expect to be educated on a level that can compete with many private institutions. The Princeton Review mentioned us as a candidate of one of the best business schools and best value colleges, and overall best colleges in the Southeast.

5. Size

General ed classes are usually large but once you start taking classes in your major, UNCW students get the benefit of having smaller classes of about 30 or less, meaning we get more attention from professors to ensure our success.

6. Number One Downtown Riverfront

The nightlife is not the only attraction of downtown Wilmington. If you prefer the daytime, there are food tours, river tours, and a farmers market. We weren’t voted best American Riverfront by USA Today readers for no reason!

7. AtmosphereThe atmosphere at UNCW is much more relaxed and laid back compared to the many fast-paced and hectic schools who are alongside us in the ranks. People who pick UNCW aren't caught up in the importance of tailgating for football games, we'd rather chill at the beach.

8. Location

How many other schools can say they have a “Beach Blast” where students can catch a shuttle to have fun and get free food oceanside? We are truly lucky to have the option of hitting the beach all year long, and if you aren’t a fan of the seaside conditions, there’s always the beach bars!

***Photos from uncw.edu and city-data.com