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The 8 Stages of Finals Week, As Told By You!

  1. Utter Denial:  “Finals? Those are weeks away! No need to get my panties in a wad.”
  2. The To-Do List Craze:
    “If I just write it all down, it will handle itself.”
  3. Procrastination: “I seriously thought about filling out my study guides, creating outlines and actually accessing Blackboard, but Netflix happened.”
  4. Anger: “Comprehensive final? And it’s worth like 96 percent of my grade?”
  5. Depression: “Where can I buy a hug? Just kidding, I’m broke and stupid.”
  6. The (Attempted) All Nighter: “Sleep is no longer an option. I’m just going to take one for the team and stay up all night… until 2.”
  7. Acceptance of Failure: “RIP to my time in college. I’ll just drop out and become a reality star.”
  8. Hell week is behind us all…until next semester:“Goodbye peasants.”
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