8 Advent Calendars to Try Out this Holiday Season

It’s mid-November, which basically means it’s Christmas season! The only thing standing in our way of full merry cheer is the act of stuffing ourselves on Thanksgiving, which I’m very okay with embracing. Some vital aspects of the Christmas season are decorations, spreading love, and giving presents to others -- and yourself!

One thing that I look forward to every year is getting a new Advent calendar and cracking into it on December 1st. An Advent calendar is one of the best gifts you could give to the people you love, or even yourself -- self-love! Advent calendars have grown exponentially in popularity and this year you can find Advent calendars filled with almost anything! The versatility of Advent calendars makes them a popular gift because the many different options makes them perfect for anyone in your life!

Here are 8 great Advent calendar ideas to try out this Christmas season!


  1. 1. Chocolate

    Although change is good, sometimes sticking with a classic is the best choice. You can’t go wrong with a chocolate Advent calendar- a little piece of happiness every day until Christmas!

  2. 2. Beauty

    There are endless options for beauty Advent calendars. From skincare to bath bombs to makeup, and even to expensive perfumes, every option is out there! Ulta and Sephora both have one for their brands, and Target has its own too! Both Ulta and Sephora also carry Advent calendars of other brands in their stores, and it’s the perfect gift for a girl in your life!

  3. 3. Socks

    Getting socks as a child was basically the lamest present, but now I’d welcome some cute pairs of socks! These themed sock Advent calendars from Target hold 15 pairs of socks, with choices from Disney to Harry Potter to Star Wars!

  4. 4. Legos (or other toys)

    For any kids (or adults, I don’t judge) in your life, legos or playmobile bring a ton of joy. Make their day with one of these Advent calendars, and let their engineering minds get to work to start to build and create stories with these new toys.

  5. 5. Alcohol

    For people over the legal drinking age of 21, explore alcohol Advent calendar options! Try some wine, holiday spirits, or even (for a more traditional option) liquor-filled chocolates!

  6. 6. Charm Bracelet

    Collecting charms for charm bracelets can be expensive, but with an Advent calendar like this it comes in a whole set and you discover a new charm every day. A charm bracelet is a great gift for any age!

  7. 7. Tea or Coffee

    Regardless of whether you prefer tea or coffee, drinking the same thing over and over can get boring. Use one of these coffee or tea Advent calendars to try out a large selection and maybe find your new fave hot drink! Warm yourself from the inside out this Holiday season.

  8. 8. Do-It-Yourself!

    If you’re not feeling any of these options, no problem! There are plenty of fill-it-yourself or do-it-yourself Advent calendars, from typical small boxes to opening doors to hanging felt pockets. Then pick something that brings you joy, fill all the days, and voilà! Your own personalized Advent calendar.

If any of these stood out to you, grab an Advent calendar for yourself or someone you love and get a little present every day until Christmas. Merge the nostalgia of opening an Advent calendar as a child and the enjoyment of modern presents, and treat yo self this holiday season! Happy holidays from HerCampus to you!