7 Things in "Stranger Things 2" That Need to Be Addressed

Yes, like many others I did binge watch the second season of "Stranger Things" this past week. Because of this, I have some things I need to vent about. Here are 7 things I felt needed to be addressed about "Stranger Things 2."



1. Dustin’s cat

I think most of us saw this one coming, but really the cat? Did Dustin’s cat really have to get eaten? The worst part is that while he’s trying to bury it, his poor mother is desperately looking for the cat and Dustin LIES to her and sends her on a wild goose chase looking for their cat, Mews, that he already knows is dead. Why Dustin? Why get your mother’s hopes up just to break her poor heart later?


2. Bob Newby

I am HEARTBROKEN about Bob. I won’t lie, I hated his character at first and found him slightly irrelevant, but really? Why couldn't we just leave him alone and let him live his happy life? He was so sweet and innocent and a genuinely good person. Not only that, but once he got an idea of what was going on he stuck around and even helped everyone. I don’t know about you, but 10/10 I would’ve left as soon as I realized that some kind of alien/life form existed and was living in my significant other’s son. Although they gave his character a heroic death, Bob had the most graphic and terrible death that we have seen on the show so far. Bob Newby, superhero. JUSTICE FOR BOB.


3. Steve Harrington

Confession: I hated Steve last season and the first part of this season. He was kind of a jerk and Nancy obviously needed someone like Jonathan. HOWEVER, he had the best character development of the whole cast this season and I am now in love with him. He went from being the worst boyfriend to being heartbroken after Nancy told him she didn’t love him, then became the dad of the group. He genuinely bonded with Dustin and the other kids and it was so cute to watch. It was amazing and I am now anti-Nancy for not giving him more of a chance. WE WANT MORE STEVE HARRINGTON.


4. Barb

Finally, we get some kind of recognition for Barb! After season one, the internet went crazy with the hashtags “justice for barb” and “what about barb?” after her character got lost in the Upside Down and was basically never mentioned again. This season, we see that her parents are going crazy over her disappearance, Nancy feels hella guilty (as she should), and some crazy journalist is looking for answers. Even though she got some closure, I’m still wondering why no one else cared? Wouldn’t a small town like that be shook over her disappearance?


5. Dustin

Oh, Dustin. Possibly the cutest and funniest kid in the group, he went on his own little adventure this season with his pet lizard-turned-Demigorgon Dart. He bonded with Steve, chased after Max, and then lost the love-triangle game when Max chose Lucas. In the last episode, we see Dustin bonding and getting advice from Steve before the Snow Ball dance. He walks in, asks girls to dance with him, and then gets denied. He sits down and cries and let me just say when Dustin cries, I cry. He ends up dancing with Nancy, but really? Haven’t all of them been through enough? Why do we have to break his little heart even more? There isn’t one girl that would dance with him? I don’t buy it.


6. Billy Hargrove

Okay so here's what I think happened with Billy's character: I think that Steve was originally supposed to be the "bad guy" in the series but they somehow realized how great he was and changed his entire character. Just my thoughts, but I think Billy is just slightly irrelevant. I know we have to have some older high school bully in the series but aren't the monsters enough? I get it, his home life is bad but can we channel all of that hatred somewhere else? I'm sorry Billy, but we're trying to fight monsters from the Upside Down we don't have time for your stupid mood swings. You either take your anger out by killing some monsters or you get back in your car. Oh not to mention, you almost ruined Steve's face. GOODBYE BILLY.   


7. The Parents

Okay, this is just a personal issue that I have, but why are these kids' parents not concerned with their whereabouts? I get it, it's set in the 80s, times are different, but if one of my friends just "disappeared into the woods," for a while and came back super weird, you better believe my parents would be watching me like a hawk. Obviously Will's mom, Joyce, is super involved but literally, none of the other kids' parents have any idea that their kids have been extremely close to death multiple times. BE BETTER. 


*Honorable Mentions*

Lucas' Sister Erica...

Nancy and Jonathan (finally)...

This weird dance Hopper does...

How over-protective Joyce is...

And my personal favorite, this scene...

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