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5 Reasons You Wish You Were Jennifer Lawrence

  1. Her Unique Family

Jennifer never seems to have a dull moment, especially when it comes to her family. Whenever she brings them to award shows or around Hollywood, you’re always in for a surprise. Hey, I wish my dad was as cool as him.


  1. Her Down to Earth Personality

After casually winning a Grammy, all Jennifer wants to do is order a pizza. How many celebrities would say that? She’s always laughing at herself and constantly making jokes about her accomplishments and celeb friends, even though she’s still starstruck. Wait, but I want to be a celebrity/meet celebrities like Jennifer…

  1. Hilarious, Sarcastic Sense of Humor

Tell me I’m not the only one who has cried from laughing over Jennifer Lawrence. You know you’re obsessed with her when you’re stuck on YouTube watching countless hours of her interviews or videos. Her jokes make everyone in the room feel comfortable and they keep em’ smiling. No need to feel like the most awkward one in the room, Jennifer Lawrence steals the cake (literally), and she’s 100 percent okay with it.


  1. She Never Gives In To The Media’s Pressures Of Being Skinny 

In an Interview with Extra, Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t afraid to speak her mind about her “workout regimen.” In all her interviews, Jennifer always finds a way to bring up her love for food. Instead of shying away from the topic of weight, Jennifer advocates for women to be true to themselves. I’m all about a celebrity who loves food, like pizza and fries. Yet, she still manages to look flawless. Like can I be you?

  1. She’s a Role Model For EVERYONE

Whether you’re 16 or 50, anyone can relate and aspire to be like the beautiful, Jennifer Lawrence. Not only does she always stay true to herself, but she continues to stay out of the negative press and society’s image of what’s “normal,” unlike other celebrities. *Cough, cough,* twerkin-Miley. Jennifer is who she is, and she doesn’t care who’s around. Who doesn’t want to be that confident?


“I never leave my house. Then I don’t have to put a bra on, and I don’t have to change my pants.” –Jennifer Lawrence

I think we all can relate to that. With her perfect body, hilarious sense of humor, and down to earth personality, who wouldn’t wish to be like her? Jennifer, teach me your ways!

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