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5 DIY Halloween Party Ideas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCW chapter.

Halloween is coming up this weekend and you may be throwing a house party (or two) in celebration. If you’re in search of some fun Halloween party decorations, look no further! 

1. Bloody syringe jello shots

Jello shots are a fun, sweet, way to take a shot. With these syringes, you can add a fun holiday spin to it!


2. Pumpkin Party Cooler

Display any drink in this cute pumpkin bowl! It’s perfect for any house party and easy to refill!


3. Pukin’ Pumpkins 

Sounds gross, but looks fun! Carve out a small pumpkin and display with your favorite dip! 


4. Stranger Things Wall Decor

Need some wall decor and want to be on trend? Why not steal some inspiration from the popular Netflix original, Stranger Things? The new season starts this week and most everyone will recognize it! 


5. Eyeball Pong


Have a fun party game by drawing eyeballs on your ping pong balls. The Halloween twist to beer pong! 

[Photos courtesy of robynsonlineworld.com, www.cosmopolitan.commarthastewart.com, and pinterest.com]