20 Presidential Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Whether or not you are Team Hillary or Team Trump, you cannot deny that this election has produced some of the greatest memes on the internet. Here are just a few that might make you laugh.


1. This brutally honest sign.


2. This very accurate representation of the debates.


3. This meme that captures how most GOT fans feel about the election.


4. This great meme that sums up the debates.


5. Because Hillary can never be right in Donald's eyes.


6. Only some type of higher power can save us from the wrath of the election.


7. Because it sure does feel like this election is some type of horror movie.


8. Pros and cons.

9. Who doesn't love a great duet.


10. A classic joke.


11. Thank you for the internet.


12. Decisions, decisions.


13. Would you rather?


14.  The best burn of the debate.


15. Someone please explain how it got there.


16. Thank you for shedding some light on that question, Mr. Trump.


17. The face you make during the entire election.


18. The little boy that is us all right now.


19.  This fabulous picture that sums up our options.


20. And last but not least...


Photos courtesey of pinterest.com