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10 Reasons Why You Should Be A Homebody

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCW chapter.

College: (n) An unconventional world where drinking at 2 pm on a Tuesday is totally acceptable, and often times encouraged.

As strange as it sounds, I didn’t realize how much of a homebody I was until I entered this bizarre, incredible, emotional realm that is college. In high school, I was never exposed to the kind of drinking or partying that accounts for the majority of the nightlife at a university. My parents had never been big drinkers and took pleasure in ordering a pizza on Friday night and renting a movie from RedBox; so you won’t be surprised when I tell you that a weekend spent crammed in a sweaty frat house wasn’t exactly enticing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent my fair share of nights in situations as such with my girlfriends; and I am especially grateful because, without those nights, I wouldn’t have discovered my one true love: My bed–especially on a Friday night. So for all of my homebodies out there, here are 10 reasons why our lifestyle is the one to live by.


1. FOMO isn’t even in your vocabulary.


2. Looking for a book recommendation or your next Netflix binge? We got you.


3. Very rarely will you be the kid who forgets about an assignment the day before it’s due.


4. Driving your hungover friend around to find her car keys is much better than losing your car keys, amirite?


5. Wine nights with your girlfriends > Keg beer at a frat party


6. When you do go out, your friends make you feel like Queen Bey herself has entered the room.


7. You have more time to discover who you are as an individual.


8. You become more selective in who you spend time with.


9. All that self-discovery will most likely lead to you trying things you’ve always wanted to do.


10. You develop a sense of security and independence within yourself.


To all my girls staying in on Friday night, keep on with ya’ bad self. 


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Gabriella is a twenty-something Floridian who has taken her love of waterfront living and sandy toes to Wilmington, NC! When she's not imprinting her body frame on the beach or stocking up on excessive jars of peanut butter, Gabriella can be found in the lines of Dunkin Donuts scrolling through Pinterest in the search of the perfect apartment decor. Her dream profession is to work for a women's magazine with an emphasis on millennial empowerment. Follow her on Twitter, @gabby_dionisio!