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10 Adorable Dogs in Halloween Costumes

1. This "Up Pup" is ready for adventure. Don't float away little guy!

(Photo: brit.co)

2. This guy makes a very cute lion. He rocks that mane.

(Photo: instructables.com)

(Photo: kidskubby.com)

3. This super-pup will come to your rescue any day!

(Photo: kidskubby.com)


4. A puppy dressed as an elephant. Enough said.

(Photo: attackofthecute.com)

5. Next stop on the safari: this little giraffe. 

(Photo: etsy.com)


6. I'm glad cerebus chihuhuas don't exist in real life. This one looks like maybe he wouldn't bite, though.

(Photo: shophausoflove.com)


7.These collies are so cute, I could just eat them up!

(Photo: shophausoflove.com)

8. That'Captian Bark Sparrow to you, sir.

(Photo: thatcutesite.com)


9. Look at this happy banana. Look at him.

(Photo: justcuteanimals.com)


10. There's no place like home. That's where the food is.

(Photo: sharonscrapnbook.blogspot.com)

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