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Campus Cutie: Mitch Zonnefeld

Major: Pre-Med

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado

Relationship status: Single

 My name is Mitch Zonnefeld, and I grew up in Fort Collins Colorado. I currently attend the University of Northern Colorado. I am a man of God. I am a musician and play bass, guitar, piano, drums, recorder, as well as sing.  I love to meet new people and learn new things. I am very outgoing, fun to be around, and overall, I love making people smile.

1. What is the most meaningful advice you were ever given, why was it so meaningful? I learned at a young age, to not care about what others think about me. I learned to always be yourself and to never try to be someone you are not to fit in with everyone else.

2. Who is your role model and why? My father is my role model because he is an incredible musician and without all of his support and everything he has taught me, I would not be where and who I am today.

3. Favorite type of car and why? My first car, a V8 manual 1997 Pontiac Firebird convertible, I am a very old fashioned person and I have had many great memories with the car. For such a small car, it has saved my life many times. I also prefer any car that allows me to fit my music equipment inside.

  4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In 10 years, I hope to be a musician fulltime and tour the world. I also want to give back and be a missionary.

5. What is your favorite quality in a girl? A sense of humor and selflessness. I’m very indecisive.  Every woman has their own unique and special qualities and there is not just one specific quality of a girl that I like.

6.  What is the most special thing a girl could ever do for you? Be my best friend and to always be there for me.

7. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? I like to sing, play and write music.

8. Favorite quote: “It is easy being a Christian and hard to be a Christian”-Anonymous

Here is another (Never give up on something you really want. Remember, it's difficult to wait but more difficult to regret. Furthermore, God said Trials are not reasons to give up, but a challenge to improve our lives. It is not an excuse to back out, it is an inspiration to move forward.) YOUR PICK!



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