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Campus Cutie: Ethan Clampitt


 Name: Ethan Clampitt

Major: Musical theater

Year: Sophomore

Where is your hometown? Aurora, Colo.

What is your relationship status? Single

What is your favorite thing about your fraternity? My favorite thing about my fraternity is the bonds that I have created with the men who will be my brothers for the rest of my life.

What is one of your favorite pastimes? I love social events! Anytime I can kick back and get to know great people.

Describe yourself in one word: Passionate

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? London, England, for the Doctor Who exhibit

What do you look for in a girl? I look for personality more than anything. I am looking for someone who is outgoing from the start and can be open about things. It is always important to be yourself!


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