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Campus Celeb: Taylor Archibald

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCO chapter.

For the third week of April our Campus Celebrity is Taylor Archibald. Taylor is majoring in psychology with an emphasis in sports and concussions. Taylor is involved in two different organizations on campus. She is a member of the Presidents Leadership Program and of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority here on campus. Aside from having a full class load and being a part of different organizations she still finds time to work a demanding job. Taylor works in the Dean of Students office at UNCO. There are only five students that get the opportunity to work closely with UNCO’s dean. When Taylor is not working or studying she likes to go spend time in the country or go hunting. “The best stress relief in my opinion is out in a field following a dog towards a bird,” said Taylor.



HC: How did you get a job at the Dean of Students office?

Taylor: I am not one hundred percent sure on how I was able to land such an amazing job! When I went in to interview for the job I was just asked some questions about confidentiality. It really helped that I was previously employed at a pharmacy so I already knew the FERPA rules.

HC: What is your job description?

Taylor: I am essentially just a secretary; I answer the phones, make appointments, and just do any work that is needed to be done. I scan in any reports that are given to our office and put them in our conduct database. Since we do have five student workers we each are skilled in at least one area. I believe that my area is helping the students that have medical problems. Being a psychology major that has seemed to help me a lot with learning how to help students.


HC: Is there anything about working there that you do not like?

Taylor: There are some aspects of working in the Dean of Students office that I am not a big fan of. I love most every part of working there but seeing some of the cases that come in are sometimes so depressing. When you have the police reports come in, I have to read through them to try and figure out if they are a student here at UNCO. That is one of the worst parts of working there, seeing everything that happens in Greeley can really take a toll on you emotionally.


HC: You are also a part of the Presidents Leadership Program on campus, how exclusive is this program?

Taylor: I would say that PLP is very exclusive, you start as an incoming freshman and you are in the program until your fourth year of college. When I started we had only twenty five members in our freshman class.


HC: How were you able to be one of those twenty five in the freshman class?

Taylor: When I first put that I was interest in UNCO PLP looked at all my community service hours and my grades from high school. I first was given information about PLP halfway through my senior year of high school. The summer before I came to UNCO I was interviewed for the program. I was asked questions about what community service I was involved in and what I would do with PLP.

Taylor truly is a celebrity to everyone here at HerCampus. She has amazing grades, works every day, helps organize events, does over twenty hours of community service a semester, and has time to write an article for HerCampus. Taylor is also an out of state student so she also has time to go home to see her dad. Taylor is only a freshman at UNCO but she has still made an impact on this campus that will last for years to come. As a final word Taylor would like to say, “Thank you Ashley for this opportunity also yee yee!”