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When Boredom Strikes: Watch Youtube

Everyone has times when they are bored and feel they have absolutely nothing to do. If you’re anything like me, this happens all the time. Here are six of my favorite YouTube Channels that I use during these times; maybe you can spend hours watching too!

1. Alissa Ashley – Alissa does makeup and it’s so entertaining to watch (I’m not even a huge fan of makeup)! She also does videos on her skin and hair routines. Also helps that her commentary is funny!

2. Ar’Mon and Trey – I love watching these two. These brothers do mash-up covers and make their own music as well. They also do vlogs and pranks that are always a good laugh!

3. Genius – If you love music, this is the channel for you. I can spend hours watching Genius Deconstructed and Verified! This channel gives viewers a glimpse into how today’s hit singles were created and the meaning behind their lyrics.

4. Matt Steffanina – If you love dancing, this is the perfect channel for you. Matt is a dancer and choreographer with amazing routines. He also vlogs and has some videos with Kevin Hart!

5. Nicole Kirkland – This girl is one of my favorite choreographers on YouTube! She has great videos including mostly female dancers, which I love! Her choreography is always paired with some of the best hits making it even more entertaining!  

6. Wildabeast Adams – For some strange reason I am infatuated with dance videos, and he may be the reason why. I have not seen a video I didn’t like on his channel, and if you enjoy watching dancing videos, this is the perfect channel for you! The choreography is great, and ALL the dancers are very talented and charismatic.

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