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Ways to Save Money as a College Student

College can be tough and a good way to take the stress away is by saving money. Here are some ways to save money in college: 

1. Obtain a reliable source of income: Whether it be a part-time job or an allowance, the first step to being able to begin saving money is to constantly have money coming in. Take it from me, there is nothing worse than wanting to save money and establish yourself but not even having the foundation set to do so.

2. Invest in a cheap piggy bank: This is a super cheap investment that will only help you when it comes to saving money (if you can fight the temptation to crack it open). This will also help you practice self control if you need to work on that too!

3. Know when to eat out: Coordinate your night out with local specials. There are plenty right here in Greensboro and many other college towns across the state if you’re looking to travel. Downtown at Crafted The Art of Taco, every Tuesday night is Taco Tuesday which means you can get amazing tacos for only $2. On Monday nights, Triad Lanes bowling alley does $1.00 games, $1.00 shoe rentals, and $1.00 draft beers if you’re looking to have some good old cheap fun with friends.

4. Chip in: When it comes to investing in things for your apartment or dorm, pitch in with your roommate(s) to alleviate the costs. We’re all struggling so they’ll definitely understand and appreciate the idea. This comes in pretty handy for things such as Keurigs, vacuums, and furniture.

5. Ask about student discounts: Sometimes I hate to be the one to constantly asking but the truth is that you’d be surprised to find out just how many stores give them. It’s also pretty surprising (and depressing) just how many don’t. Nonetheless, always ask! Here is a great resource that organizes and lists various locations that offer student discounts: College Student Discounts.

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