UNCG Bucket List

Now that I am a senior, I realize how limited my time is at UNCG. I’ve had a great time thus far but it took me a while to realize how much Greensboro and UNCG has to offer. So for all you Freshman, or Seniors trying to make the last year count out there, trying to figure out what to do, here is a bucket list to complete while spending time in Greensboro.

Go to a sporting event

Despite UNCG not having a football team, our sporting events are still a lot of fun. There are so many different games you could go to, everything from basketball games at the Greensboro Coliseum, to our intramural Quidditch games. You can find any sport to cheer on your fellow spartans.

Participate in a tradition

There are so many fun traditions you can be a part of here at UNCG, it would be a shame to go four years without participating in one. The biggest one is not walking under the clock tower on the way to the caf, as you can see by the mass of students going out of their way to go around it. Another fun one, is painting the Rawk. It’s a great way to advertise for a club, or even give your friend a birthday shoutout! Make sure you place an apple by Minerva before exams or a test (but make sure you take a bite out of it for it to work!). And of course, attend Homecoming, which is going to be the biggest this year.

Go to a Probate

It’s a great way to support parts of Greek Life and learn about their traditions. These usually take place in front of the Fountain and the Caf, and draw large crowds. They have high energy and it’s exciting to see members getting initiated.

Visit Tate Street

This is probably the easiest thing on this list and it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn you’ve already crossed this off. You can’t go to UNCG without getting a coffee at Tate Street Coffee, or buying a necklace from Sisters. With the new restaurants, and of course the favored Chipotle, it’s no wonder that UNCG students spend a lot of time there.

Participate in a philanthropy event

UNCG offers many different ways to get involved with volunteer opportunities and philanthropic events. Fraternities and Sororities, as well as other clubs on campus, host different events to raise money for their respective philanthropy. You can donate time, money, or participate in one of the many events offered!

Get off campus

Greensboro has so much more to offer than a lot of people realize. There are different events you can go to such as First Friday’s, the 17 Days Festival, Mug Night at Corner Bar if you’re 21, and so much more. Downtown has a lot to offer and it’s easy to get off campus and explore what else Greensboro has to offer.

Go to an event hosted by the International Office

The International Office and community on campus offer a lot of opportunities to get involved with international students and relations. In the spring the I-Fest is a huge campus wide event with booths on College Avenue, food and performances. They also host different events throughout the semester to get involved.

Join Her Campus

It’s an easy way to be apart of the UNCG community, and express yourself. If you are ever interested in getting involved you can always contact the President or Editor-in-Chief of our chapter to join!

Make friends that last a lifetime.

This is the easiest item on the list, and hopefully you will look back at your memories at UNCG with a smile.