Thoughts on FDOC as a Super Senior

The first day of classes is an exciting and nerve-wracking time. The campus is alive and busy, you're navigating your way through the crowds and if you're lucky, you only go over the syllabus in your classes. I have lived through this a few times now, and there are some major differences between being a freshman on FDOC and being a super senior. 

1. Why does everyone look so young? Am I really this old?

2. There are too many people here, stop accepting students. 

3. I am so glad I'm not a freshman. 

4. No parking? Great, I love having to walk a mile for just one class. 

5. Wow, the new chick-fil-a is popping, these kids will never know the struggle of the express one. 

6. Fall Kickoff, what a great time. Too many people. 

7. These kids are obviously lost, no worries young ones, this campus is a lot smaller than you think. 

8. Ah, only five minutes to get to class, that's more than enough time. 

9. Upper-level courses suck, we already have presentations and these professors don't care. 

10. I have officially claimed this seat, if I see anyone in it next class we will have some problems.

11. Dang, I really wish I was a freshman again.