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A Rave Review of Career Services

Getting ready to graduate? There is one place on campus you should 100% visit at least once – the Career Services Center!

To be honest, before my visit a few weeks ago, I was very skeptical about how helpful Career Services could actually be when it came to career advice. I know career is literally in the name, however, the only in-person interactions I’d had with Career Services were getting an I-9 form in order to work on campus and getting my resume approved for a few classes. While these experiences had been positive, they have not had a huge impact on me or my opinion of Career Services. I thought of it as a place to go only when required.

However, as most seniors have realized, finding a job is HARD, especially when you don’t know exactly what you want to do with your life. This is where visiting Career Services comes in. I went into my first visit feeling overwhelmed and directionless and left feeling like I had a grasp on what my next steps should be regarding my career/job search. I was provided with a bunch of resources on where to find jobs and how to figure out what field I might want to enter. In addition, I was given a few tasks to work on before my next appointment which made me feel like I was working toward something. While I didn’t leave with my exact career path decided, I was pointed in the right direction and I no longer felt nearly as overwhelmed. I truly wish I had visited them earlier!

Definitely don’t go into Career Services thinking your advisor will be able to give you all of the answers and will do all of the work for you…they won’t. But also don’t underestimate them! Advisors in Career Services will help you in any way they can and they can be a huge source of support. Honestly, one of the main things I got out of my visit was hearing (from someone who talks to graduating seniors regularly) that everyone is facing the same challenges and feeling overwhelmed; you’re not alone.

Overall, Career Services is an excellent resource. Even if you’re not graduating it can be helpful to make an appointment (they can also help with looking for internships or give advice on choosing a major). I high recommend visiting the Career Services Center (on your own time, not as part of a requirement for a course) at least once before you graduate!   


Hannah Trudeau is a co-correspondent for Her Campus at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is an International Business and Information Systems/ Supply Chain Management double major and is minoring in French. She would love to travel the world one day for work as she loves to learn about different countries and cultures. In her free time, Hannah enjoys reading and catching up with friends.
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