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Protective Styles For the Chilly Weather to Come

Protective Styles

With fall and winter approaching we know that this is a perfect time for protective styles, as the winter can be harsh on our hair. Protective styles are great because like in the name, they protect our hair, as well as make it grow. Some of my favorite styles are braids, faux locs, crochet, and my favorite of all, sew ins!

There are many styles of braids, you have box braids, various cornrow styles, such as lemonade braids. And my favorite thing about braids is that no matter what style, they all last at least two weeks. Another style I like is faux locs, which is very similar to braids and lasts for at least 3 weeks. And the most versatile protective style of all is crochet! With crochet you can get braids, faux locs, and curly or straight hair!

Protective styles are the best thing to look into when wanting a low maintenance hair style!

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