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books on brown wooden shelf
books on brown wooden shelf
Susan Yin/Unsplash

Its Okay to be Lost

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCG chapter.


Here you are, 2 months from graduating, and you still have no idea what you will do after you walk that stage. If that sounds like you, repeat this after me, “it is ok to be lost”. Everyone expcepts us college students to make life decisions that affect us forver at only 21 and 22 (and up), and its ok if you havent come up with your life plan. Time moves so fast, life changes, and things hit hard, so if you dont have eveything mapped out, again, IT WILL BE OK. Many people may pressure you and you make feel like your life isnt going to be great, but I’m here to tell you it is. As time goes by youll gain new knowledge and have experienced things that will shape and mold you. From these new found experinces you will then have better guidance and a better path of success. Don’t rush or worry about the blessings of your life.



College girl in same position