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How To Beat The Mid-Semester Lull

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCG chapter.

Returning to school after fall break often marks the beginning of wishing the rest of the semester would just hurry up and end. The excitement of classes has long worn off and the increasingly cold weather makes us want to just curl up in our dorms and stay there forever. However, with much of the semester still to go, it is important to not lose steam, so here are some tips for getting over the roughest part of the season: the mid-semester lull.

1.       Change up your study habits. – After a while, studying in the same place, whether it be your dorm or the library, can lead to an overwhelming sense of monotony that makes it difficult to actually retain information. So next time you have a test to prepare for or just need to take some notes, try changing your location, method of studying, or even who you study with.

2.       Get out of your dorm room. – It might not seem worth it to throw on a heavy coat and face the frigid outside temperatures, but taking a break from academics and going out with friends or family can relieve stress over school even just for a day. So, when you feel school starting to take over your entire life, make time to go see a movie, walk downtown, or have a nice dinner out.

3.       Join a new group on campus. – When you feel yourself start to get into a routine of just going to class, studying, and sleeping, it can seem like you have no free time for yourself. This pattern of behavior can also contribute to a feeling of lethargy and laziness, so check out fitness classes on campus to boost your energy or become a member of a club with a subject you’re passionate about. Even though these activities will consume some of your time, they can help you become more involved and they are a great way to meet new people mid-semester.

4.       Stay motivated. – After being in the same classes for a few months, they start to feel more like work and less like building blocks to your future career. But when you’re sitting in class trying not to fall asleep and drool on the table, keep in mind that you’re working toward a great career, and it is important to do the heavy lifting now so that when the time comes to transition to life after college you will be ready to step into your dream career and know that you worked hard for it.

My name is Isabella Whitehead, but I mostly go by Bella. I am currently a sophomore at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro majoring in Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies. I have been a part of the Her Campus UNCG team since Fall 2017 and will be stepping up this year as a Co-Campus Correspondent. Writing is a passion of mine and I enjoy working with HerCampus to inform, entertain and empower my fellow students.