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How to be a Schedule Master

Happy October!

Doesn’t it seem like the semester is just flying by? Not only is the semester flying by, but classwork is piling up day after day! Also, if you add on work, clubs, and events you want to go to on campus…. it seems like there is no time left! It becomes really easy to lose track of all the things you must do and want to do when time is passing by so fast. That is why tools like calendars, agendas, and any other scheduling tools are really important for a college-savvy student like yourself, with so much on your plate. It is never too late to get a great scheduling system. So, I thought I would share with you a few ways I organize my hanging calendar in my dorm room!

So, unfortunately my calendar is not this colorful in real life, but I try to make up for the color by writing in colored dry-erase markers. I use my dry-erase calendar in my dorm for my personal events and due dates that include, but are not limited to: club meetings, bill due dates, birthdays, scholarship due dates, etc. Here is a list of colors I use and what I use them for:

Now, the way you may do your calendar may be different, but I hope that this will give you some ideas to organize to make your calendar work better for you!

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