Help Make A Change with CIS

Do you want to help make a change? There are many programs put in place to ensure that students are being the best them possible. Community In Schools, or CIS is a program that is put in place to make sure high school students don’t drop out, this is called dropout prevention. CIS also encourages college students to come in volunteer to be a tutor and also a mentor.

If you are looking for ways to accumulate volunteer hours, or just ways to give back to the community signing up with CIS is the perfect opportunity. You can get involved now! Dudley High school, located at 1200 Lincoln Street, is now accepting tutors and mentors for the program. If you are interested please reach out to Francine Scott, the coordinator for CIS at Dudley High, her contact info will be listed below.

Any help is welcome, you can choose your hours and days, as well as the class you want to work in. While volunteering you have the chance to help students who are struggling that could change their lives. Take that step and help make a change!

Interested? Here's how to get in touch with Francine Scott:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 336-370-8130 Ext. 4815 (office)

336-587-3270 (cell)