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Time is really flying by, February is already upon us! It seems like January just flew by, but I hope your goals and resolutions for 2017 did not fly off as fast as January did (yeah, I’m looking at you).

Well no matter if you have forgotten your goals already, or if you’re still going strong, I am here to remind you guys about SMART goal setting which we learned about last week (Thanks Ankeya!) and how to actually start achieving these goals!

Alright, so le’ts look at some goals and ways to achieve them, okay?

1. Goal Example: I want to start off my semester right by completing each assignment one day early.

Methods to achieve:

  • Put into your agenda that each assignment is due a day earlier than it actually is.

  • Set an alarm for you to do your assignments at the same time each day.

  • Print out your syllabus and place it somewhere in eyesight for everyday reference.

2. Goal Example: I want to meet new people on campus by the end of the semester.

  • Join clubs this semester that may be out of your comfort zone, but still hold some interest to you.

  • Talk to the people that sit beside you in class (you will be surprised how many people don’t talk to their seatmates….AT ALL)

  • Attend one of the cultural programs on campus each month

3.Goal Example: I will find my passion in 2017.

So first, this goal is a little broad, but I can try to offer some steps to help reach it!

  • Be honest with yourself about what you seem to natural cling to, and what you do not.

  • Take days to yourself to think and organize your mind, without being distracted by others.

  • If you still have Gen-Ed’s to take, then take one that explores a topic you have always been interested in.

  • Most importantly, if you already have an idea of something you may be passionate about…GO FOR IT! DO NOT HOLD BACK! You will never know where your talents can take you if you don’t try 

Alright, these are just tips I have to reach some SMART goals that have been reported to me. Hopefully some of them will help you and inspire you to reach the other SMART goals you set.

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