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Fun and Cheap Things to do on Halloween

The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here; Halloween! Even though it’s on a Tuesday there’s still some fun things that we can do to celebrate, and that are affordable for college students.

  1. Woods of Terror This is a very fun haunted house located in Greensboro! It consists of different miniature haunted houses that keep you entertained all night and on Halloween night tickets are only 20 dollars! 
  2. Spooky Woods This I also another very fun haunted house, located in Archdale. This haunted house will keep you jumping from start to finish with their spooky attractions, but there’s more. This haunted house also includes zipline tours, outdoor laser tag, a corn maze, and more! General admission tickets are also only a cheap 20 bucks on Halloween night. 
  3. Trotterville Horror This is yet another haunted trail to get our adrenaline rushing. This is also located in Archdale, but isn’t too far for us to go. This trail is sure to really scare you and give you a true Halloween feel! Also this tickets are only 25 dollars on Halloween night. 

These were a just a few cheap and close attractions to attend on Halloween night, besides binge watching horror movies or trick or treating. Whatever you decide to do, be safe and have a fun filled Halloween night! 

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