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Always wanted to start your own business? The class best for learning how to do that is ENT/BUS 206 Campus Entrepreneurs. In this class, you will be taught the steps to start your very own business. On the other hand, this class isn’t an easy A.  ENT/BUS 206 is better when taken with an interest in entrepreneurship or the dream of owning your own business. Toward the end of the class, your business could be started on campus or nearby in the community.

One campus business that lasted for years and just received its last few customers before closing its doors permanently, is the Spartan Trader. This business was student-run under the management of Dr. Dianna Welsh.

In the fall of 2016, ENT/BUS 206 Campus Entrepreneurs will be taught by Ted Shalek who has a CPA and MBA degree with 30 years of business experience on Wednesdays from 6 – 8:50 pm. This is an introductory entrepreneurship course for those contemplating starting a business during their lifetime with an opportunity to vie for a $1,000 business loan to start a business. Students learn how to establish a new business from ideas to inception through the finalized business model.

This course is open to all students and has no prerequisites. Registering for this course won’t need a written pre approval or a certain major. Any and every major here on UNCG campus could take this course. Professor Shalek understands that his students might not be an entrepreneurship major or anything related to business. He won’t jump right into the harder assignments until he understands that each student of his understands the basics of the class. This course could very well be your start to a path of entrepreneurship.

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