Email Genius 101: How to Write a Professional Email

Hello Everyone!

How's the semester going? I hope it's treating you as well as it is treating me. Now since it is a new semester, that means new professors and people to network with. A huge way to network or ask questions is through email! Email is still very useful today, but sometimes it's hard trying to figure how to write a “professional” email, so I'm here to help. I'm still trying to learn myself, but I have gotten some great tips lately that I couldn't wait to share with you all!

So, these are just a few steps to help you become an email genius:

1. It’s best not to use a certain time of day to start the email like “Good Afternoon,” because you do not know what time they will read it. It's best to just use a generic “Greetings.”

2. Double check the spelling so that you spell the name of the person you are addressing, correctly. You want to make sure you double check spelling anyway, but it's definitely embarrassing if you misspell the name of the person you're trying to get the attention of.

3. Do not indent your paragraphs. Now I know that is huge no-no from what we've been taught in school, I struggle with it too! But, it is best to just keep the first line of the paragraph aligned with the rest of the paragraph

4. Add a signature to your emails. Have you ever received an email from someone and at the bottom where you see their name, it's a list of all the things they're involved in? Well that looks great to people, especially future employers or people you want to network with. It's easy to add a signature to all your emails, by going to your email settings and creating one. Here are some things to consider putting in your signature:

  • Your first and last name

  • University, major/degree, and graduation year

  • Any organizations or jobs you have, and the position you hold in them

  • To be a little creative, you can even add a nice quote at the end !

Alright, so that's just a few tips to help you on your journey to becoming an email genius. Now these are not all the tips that are available to make your emails better, but you can look up more on your own. The main thing is that you want to come off more professional in your emails, especially to professors, so these tips are a great start!

Talk to you guys later!