Elizabeth Tomlin: More Than an Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Tomlin is an advisor as well as an instructor here at UNCG. She advises students in the biology department, and also teaches Human Physiology and Biology 105 online, but she has taught more courses than that. Dr. Tomlin is originally from England but got all of her degrees in Canada. She attended university of Western Ontario for her undergraduate, University of Guelph for her masters and Simon Fraiser for her Ph.D. Her life here in Greensboro wasn’t even really planned.

Originally her plan was to become a Veterinarian but she couldn’t stand the thought of dissecting animals so she went into Forest Entomology. Dr.Tomlin moved here to Greensboro because her husband got a job offer, she then found out UNCG was hiring and it seemed to match her credentials. Even though advising wasn’t a plan of hers, when asked, she said she wouldn’t change the career path she has chosen, because she truly loves what she does.

Dr. Tomlin is a great advisor as well as an instructor. When talking to her you can tell she really cares about her advisees as well as her students. She actually sits down and listens to you and tries to help you fully understand what’s going on and help you choose the right path. She doesn’t judge you no matter your situation because she knows what it’s like to be a college student not knowing exactly what you want. Dr. Tomlin said that being around students one on one is the best part of her job and you can really tell. A piece of advice she wants us to know is: “Work hard, work as hard as you can and learn as much as you can”, and that is exactly what we all should drive to do!