The Biggest Lesson I Learned in College

When I came to college, I knew that I was going to be challenged and learn a lot, and boy was I right! I’ve met so many new people with unique perspectives, who come from many different backgrounds. However, I think the biggest lesson I have learned so far is how important home is.

Before I came to college, the part I was most excited for was moving into a dorm. That summer, my Pinterest was filled with decoration ideas and DIYs. But on Pinterest, they do not romanticize the small bathrooms and the wait for a free washing machine. It was not until I experienced this that I fell in love with going home where I was able to take a shower without shoes and not worry about taking my clothes out the dryer in a timely manner. I have also oddly learned that I really love being in my living room. I never noticed how important this space was until I was sick of binging Netflix in my dorm, wanting to be somewhere else cozy to do so. These seemingly little things I once took for granted, but now I appreciate them more than anyone could know. 

Another thing I have come to cherish about going home is seeing my family. Not seeing them every day was the hardest change and most difficult thing to get used to, along with having to say bye for long periods of time. When I say good bye to my dog and he doesn't realize that I'm going to be gone for a while, it breaks my heart. 

I have, however, come to learn that FaceTime is a lifesaver when I get really homesick. Seeing my whole family during breaks brings me so much joy, and I treasure every second. All the stress of college so far has been totally worth it because without it I would have never learned this lesson. So, this holiday break I will be quite content spending time with my loved ones and taking the longest shoeless shower! Happy Holidays!