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Anjelica Martin

The time has come that everyone has been waiting for at the edge of their seats; October. For most of you, this just means the month of Halloween is here. And for you select crazed few, you don’t want to miss the event of the season that has been brewing since the beginning of this Fall semester. The Nightmare on College Ave, from October 28 through the 30, takes a creepy twist on the child’s board game Candy Land. Anjelica Martin, a junior at UNCG, will tell you all of the efforts she (and others) have invested in making this event a success.

This project began with the formation of a group of six driven individuals in a program-planning course (that has a main goal of not just learning words in a book but actually going out and doing it) where they corresponded with UNCG CAP to initiate their third annual Nightmare on College Ave event. Between the six different individuals, each person has a select focus. Each focus requires each student’s job to be completed thoroughly and efficiently in order for their efforts collectively to be impactful.

Anjelica’s concentration has to do with the design; it entails finding outfits for the actors that she also has to seek out in the community, as well as designing her group’s website that tracks the endeavors put into the creation of the event.

There are a lot of tasks: such as emailing, planning around their budget and making cutbacks, making substitutions, communicating to outside people, and so forth. And all of this would be so overwhelming and irrelevant if one didn’t love what they were doing. The way Anjelica views her tasks is that she simply gets things done and she does them well, and typically the things she has to do are the passions she has sought out (such as the courses and activities for her major).

In addition to the spending time to make this event spooktacular, Anjelica also has a number of other tasks throughout each day to tackle, such as her off-campus job, class, animal sitting, being a writer for Her campus, and being a full time member of a church ministry. They are the simple but demanding routines in her life currently that get done completely and accurately.

As an Entrepreneur major and a Community and Therapeutic Recreational minor, Anjelica is all about catering to the needs and/or common interest of the public in hopes to make the community a significantly better place one hard-working soul at a time, which requires full attention.

In conclusion, there are a few things we can definitely learn from Anjelica. If you know that you are not able handle a giant stack of tasks in one day, limit yourself to what you know you can absolutely do with the time allotted to you. If you want to push yourself and be ambitious, limit yourself to adding on two extra activities. If you overload your schedule, the effort you put into each challenge would be minimal and you will start this continual process of thinking that what you are giving is all you have, when deep down you know you could be giving so much more. So start small and nurture your skill set and then grow by small increments. Anjelica did it and her grades are by no means suffering, her relationships are thriving, her mental health is stable, her overall well-being is quite satisfactory. Take it from Anjelica and be the best you that you can be, not somebody else.

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