5 Playlists That Will Help You Study

It’s that time of year again. Exam time. This usually consists of spending all hours in the library studying and editing those papers until they are perfect. Or you know, saving it all until the last minute and cramming. However you study, most people prefer to study with some sort of noise. Rap, or your favorite pop song might not be the best choice for exam season, so here is list of songs and playlists that will help you focus, and ace those exams!

Moonlight Soundtrack

This soundtrack is stunning and a beautiful symphony. I couldn’t decide my favorite song so I included all of them. This album works best for writing papers I have found, and it carries a similar musical theme that’ll make it feel like one long song.

Hans Zimmer

Zimmer is one of my personal favorite contemporary musicians. My favorite soundtrack he has done is for Interstellar, which gives you this beautiful feeling of floating in space. His other famous works include the soundtrack for Hidden Figures and Planet Earth II.

Afternoon Acoustic

This Spotify playlist is long enough to get through an allnighter. It has acoustic covers of your favorite songs, and keeps a relaxed vibe throughout the duration to keep you focused. You might even discover a few new favorite artists and songs!

Rainy Mood

If you just like white noise in the background, this website is the best place for it. All it is, is endless rain noise to help you concentrate or add another relaxing layer to your study playlists. It’s perfect for when you don’t do well with music or silence.

Jazz Playlist

Nice evening jazz is the perfect way to keep you studying. It has enough energy to keep you alert and awake, but the smooth tones are less distracting than strings or lyrics. It’s perfect for studying those pages and pages of notes.


Make your own!

Make a playlist on Spotify or 8tracks, or whatever music platform you use. You can look up songs that people recommend or even specific words like “chill, study, instrumental” and create whatever best works for you. You can mix and match songs, or just stick to one genre or artist. Either way you know what works best.

Let’s hope the beauty of music will help you through this stressful period, summer is just around the corner!