4 Ways to Fight Homesickness

Classes have just started and as exciting (or annoying, depending on how you look at it) as that can be, it’s easy to start missing home. If you’re already feeling homesick, here are some easy ways to fight it.

1. Make your favorite home cooked meal

Nothing beats a good meal and let’s face it: no amount of fast food can beat a hot meal prepared with love by your mom. Though your mom isn’t with you at college, you can try your hand at cooking by making your favorite home-cooked meal. Just try not to burn down the kitchen while you’re at it.

2. Create a playlist that reminds you of home

You know those nostalgic songs that remind you of your happiest moments? Those should be compiled into a playlist and whenever you start feeling homesick, listen to it. You’ll forget that you were sad in the first place.

3. Stay in contact with your friends from back home

I know, it’s hard to keep up with your old friends when you’re no longer in the same area. It’s always important to check up on those that you care for, no matter the distance. A simple text or an honest promise to meet up somewhere can also go a long away.

4. Be social on and off campus

Surrounding yourself with people that have similar interests as you will really help fill that void. Find a hobby. Join a club. Volunteer. Hang out with your friends. There’s an endless amount of opportunities to choose from!

Hopefully these tips will help you all as the semester comes upon us. Just remember that staying active and doing things you enjoy are two of the simplest ways to stop homesickness.