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3 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be Single on Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year - and no I’m not talking about Christmas. Valentine's Day is coming at us fast so we better be ready to be bombarded with merchandise and advertising about pleasing our significant other, assuming we have one. Valentine's Day is also the time of year in which those individuals who don’t have a significant other may feel lonely, and in turn grow to resent the holiday. I used to be one of those people, but recently I’ve come to realize that being single on Valentine's Day is NOT the end of the world. So to end the stereotype that single people can’t have a good time on Valentine's Day, here are three reasons why spending a Valentine’s Day single can be your best Valentine’s Day yet!

1. Hanging out with your fellow single friends

Whether you and your pals are going out to a nice dinner, or just watching some movies, it’s guaranteed to be a fun time. Going out? Put on some nice clothes for one another, some nice perfume and you’re set to go! Prefer a night in? Hunker down on the couch with glasses of wine and watch some movies. Whether you guys settle on a Valentine's Day classic like the Notebook or something a little more avant-garde for the holiday like Die Hard, when you’re with friends it’s sure to be a fun time!

2. You get to buy YOURSELF gifts

We all know how annoying advertisements can get - especially around this time of year. It’s all about “Buy these chocolates for her” or “Buy this gold watch for him”. It’s all about pleasing your “other half”. But you know what’s great about being single? There is no other half! All the time money you would spend on your partner’s gift is now yours. So whether you decide to buy yourself a nice box of chocolates to indulge, or you buy those gold hoops you’ve been eyeing, now’s the time to truly treat yourself.

3. New adventures with yourself

Maybe you don’t have any single friends, or maybe you don’t want to splurge on something superficial. Spending the day with yourself a great plan for this holiday. No, I don’t mean sitting in bed crying while watching The Last Song, I mean go out and make the most of your day. Whether you go on a day trip to a new place, check out some interesting new hangouts, or maybe you just spend the whole day driving around listening to music, the key is to enjoy yourself. Even spending a day watching Netflix could cut it - as long you’re happy and not sobbing into your glass of wine!

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