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3 Day Trips for Spring Break (And What To Do When You Get There!)

Okay, everyone, take a deep breath, spring break is almost here! For those of us that aren’t hitting up the beach, here are some easy day trips to make on one of the 10 days we have to recharge from school.

  • Go to the Zoo!

Animals are one of the best forms of therapy and what a better way to wipe away that stress of midterms than by seeing some animals! And the best part? The North Carolina Zoo is only 40 minutes from Greensboro! The zoo is a super easy day trip to make and still have plenty of time during the day to enjoy yourself. Also, on the way there are multiple outlet stores to take a driving break and go shopping.

  • Hang out at Hanging Rock!

Taking a long hike after this stressful week may not seem like the best option but once you get to the top all of that work will be worth it! The view at Hanging Rock is spectacular and you can “hang” up there as long as you want! Take some friends with you and experience nature!

  • Experience some indoor fun!

For those of us who prefer the indoors and destressing through retail and not nature a great place to go is the Tanger Outlets in Mebane! Only about an hour away it gives you plenty of time to shop and have a treat yourself day!

So make the best of your Spring Break and relax or travel! 

a writer and editor for the UNCG chapter of Her Campus.
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