TV Shows You Need To Binge Watch ASAP

Winter is slowly creeping up on us, which means it's getting colder and break is right around the corner. We all love Netflix and Hulu, but let's be honest - how much time do we really get to binge watch in college? Winter break is the perfect time to sit in your mom's living room and watch hours of TV while she waits on you hand and foot! Here are some of my favorite shows that you need to watch if you haven't already.

1. One Tree Hill

High school was either the best four years of your life, or the absolute worse. There's no in between. One Tree Hill is about the lives of five teenagers who all come from different backgrounds but go through life building strong friendships. The show captures heartache, assault, depression and so many more emotions that we've all felt once or twice before. By the end of the series you will learn to be as strong as the characters you've formed this bond with, and you will be set on finding a guy like Lucas or Nathan Scott.

2. Friends

When you make a friend, you intend to keep them forever. Right? Friends is a quirky comedy that allows you to imagine what it would be like to have those "best friends forever". The show has a comical take on relationships, roommates and life in the big apple. It's definitely a must-watch if you love to laugh every few minutes.

3. Sex and the City

This classic follows four women who live in New York City. Sex in the city shows us what it is like to be in relationships that seem to take a lot out of us. It also shows us that girls can be sexually active and love it, instead of being shamed for it. All of them are independent women with boss careers, and will motivate you to do your best and be your best every day.

4. Gilmore Girls

Mother and daughter relationships warm all of our hearts, because they remind us of something we are all lucky to have. Gilmore Girls is an interesting show because instead of focusing on high school teens, it's written around a mother daughter relationship. All girls wish to be as close to their mothers like Rory is to Lorelai after watching this show.

5. New Girl

None of us have our lives together, just like the characters from New Girl. This show provides its viewers with comical relief and favorite characters that you will wish you knew in person. The best part about watching the show is that it provides you with a new drinking game to play with your friends. If you haven't played True American yet, I suggest you Google the rules!

6. Jane The Virgin

This show will probably make you terrified of going to the doctor's office, even though it's a fictional story line. All I can really say is that Jane is a virgin who gets herself into the worst possible situation.