Pick a Snack and I'll Tell you What to Do Today

Choose a snack from below and remember the number next to it to find out what you should do today!

  1. Granola

  2. Fruit

  3. Ice cream

  4. Iced latte

  5. Doritos 

  6. Leftovers

  7. Carrots with ranch


Find the number that corresponds with your snack choice and discover what your subconscious mind wants you to do today!


  1. Go on a hike! You’re clearly a crunchy hippie baby and there’s no use running from that. Get your boots, throw on a flannel, and get out in the great outdoors! Maybe share your granola with some squirrels while you’re at it (as long as it’s made of natural ingredients it’s good for them- don’t worry I looked it up).

  2. Hit the gym! You’re a health conscious gal and it shows (good for you)! But switch it up today and do a fun workout, you deserve it. 

  3. Stay in and watch Netflix. You’ve had a hard week and you need a mental health day of doing ~absolutely nothing~. Just kick back, grab some snacks, take your bra off, and watch Parks and Rec. It’s okay, I’m with you girl.

  4. Have a downtown photoshoot with some girlfriends. Hit the town, put on that fit you know you look fantastic in, and take pictures to put up in your room. This will be a great day that you’ll have to smile about every time you look at the pictures on your wall.

  5. Clean your room/do your laundry. I know, I know, this isn’t what you were hoping to get, but we both know it needs to be done! Just think of how much less stressed you’ll be once you’re finished, and how nice it will be to lay in bed tonight in those fresh sheets ahhh.

  6. Cook your friends a friendship dinner! You’re basically the mom of the group and you love supporting them- it makes you feel all warm inside. Just think of the cute mems that this will give you! Take pictures for your scrapbook (we know you have one).

  7. Homework and coffee shop date! You’re a very practical person and you know how to balance work and play. So grab your friend or SO and head to a cute coffee shop for a fun and productive chat and work session.