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Must See Charlotte Plant Shops & Nurseries

When I moved into my dorm room during freshman year at UNC Charlotte, I had two little plants that sat in the window. After I got my first apartment, my collection of plants began to grow and grow. I found myself getting entire shelves just to put them on. It all started in the Lowes garden Center, but the longer I lived in Charlotte, I slowly I began to venture out and discover many plant nurseries. I never knew I could have so many options for buying plants in one city or how many cool plants I could find. With that being said, here are a few of my favorite local plant shops!


Malones Tropical and Pottery 

Malones is a greenhouse full to the brim with tropical plants and succulents. They have a huge selection of plants that you may have never seen before as well as some you’ll likely recognize. It’s a great place to go and walk around with friends because there’s truly something for everyone. Their air plant selection is also top-notch! This one is located about 15 minutes outside of uptown and is worth the trip every time. 


Grow - A Plant Shop

Grow is a smaller plant shop with an array of plants that will stun you. It’s located right in Plaza Midwood and just got it’s own brick and mortar location! You can grab a coffee at Undercurrent, walk next door, and behind Moxie Mercantile to find the beautiful shop made out of a refurbished storage container. It’s the most lovely little place. It also has a seriously dedicated and personable owner, who drove all over Charlotte during quarantine to deliver plants to people’s doorsteps! 


Oakdale Greenhouse

Oakdale Greenhouse is another big greenhouse where you can wander around endlessly staring at plants! It has a great selection of foliage that will look great in your home. They also have a selection of herbs and plants of all sizes. If you ever wondered where people go to see the giant fiddle leaf figs or ferns that are two feet across, it could have been here. Their plants come in an array of sizes, so whether you’re looking for something big or small you can find the plant of your dreams!


Shades of Moss

Shades of Moss is new to the Charlotte plant scene! Its goal is to be a community-based shop that’s welcoming to experienced and new plant owners! Located just outside of uptown it’s another must-see! They have a great selection as well as everything you need to get started- they’ll even help you repot your purchase. Plus, if you’re having trouble, the shop does private consultations and home visits to help you out!


The plant scene is ever-growing in this town and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. If you’ve ever wanted to become a plant owner, Charlotte is a great city to do it in. You’re bound to find something (or a lot of things) that perfectly fit your style, whatever it may be! You can find all of these shops and their planty goodness on Instagram!


Emma Ponder is a junior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. She is a sociology & psychology double major. Emma works at a local specialty coffee shop in Charlotte and is an oat milk enthusiast. Her driving force is her dog Nora and her many many houseplants. she/her
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