Figuring Out Senior Year As Told By Amy Schumer

Senior year of college brings on a mix of all different kinda of emotions. You're congratulating yourself for making it this far, trying to make the best of your last year, while some days wishing it was just graduation day already. Senior year isn't all fun and games like alumni's Instagram accounts may suggest. It makes you feel older than you already did when you turned 21 and makes you realize that you really don't have your life figured out after all! No matter what, remember to make the best of this year because this is all you've got, I mean unless you're planning on being a fifth year.

Walking into your first class of the year and immediately seeing "Chapter 1" instead of "Syllabus" on the front screen. 

Waking up on game day, even if it's a 12 p.m. kick off.

And then trying to rally after the game so you can go out again that night. It's not as easy as it used to be...

Somehow waking up in the morning without a hang over? I thought that was impossible at this age!

Listening to all of your friends talk about moving to other cities with their significant other while you're just like...

When your friends try to encourage you to download Bumble or Tinder. Do I look THAT desperate?

Encouraging the new pledges to keep up with your drinking habits.

When your advisor suggests adding a second internship to your schedule to "finish out the year strong"

No longer spending your Friday nights in a dirty basement of a fraternity house. Instead, you're spending them with Ben & Jerry and wine. Is this considered an improvement? 

Walking into a big girl job interview and your face probably reads "Please hire me. I can't move back in with my parents."

Walking out of that interview feeling...

Finally being able to say goodbye to all of your bad decisions you made these past 4 years. Hey, at least you made your mark!