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Dear, No One

Have you ever wondered where your future soulmate is?  This advice is for the ones who are searching. I recommend listening to Tori Kelly’s song, “Dear No One” released in 2013. We are in 2017 and the lyrics from this song are still so relevant and I think they always will be. We seem to force relationships instead of waiting for the right person to come along. Someone who allows us to be ourselves.

This specific lyric from the song stood out to me, “I like being independent not so much of an investment no one to tell me what to do.”

This one is for all of the ladies who want love but don’t want to change the things that make them happy. If you are single, don’t rush it because I promise you that it will be worth the wait. 

These lyrics are for the those who believe that appearance is more than experience “But sometimes I just want somebody to hold someone to give me their jacket when it’s cold got that young love even when we’re old.”

Everyone wants to have those cute couple moments but instead of rushing into something that might not be right for you, wait.. Wait until you know that it is more than just having cute moments and all about growing old with someone and still feeling young.

“So if you’re out there I swear to be good to you, but I’m done looking for my future someone cause when the time is right you’ll be here.”

There is no doubt in my mind that once you find the right person when the time comes, you will love them forever. You need to live the life you want, that’s your first priority always. On that journey, someone who isn’t going to change who you are will find their way to you. Stop looking for that and let love come to you.

“But I’d love to have a soul mate, and God will give him to me someday, and I know it’ll be worth the wait.”

In your early 20’s you may want to rush and find someone who you think is right for you. Make sure you live the life you want and see if they are okay with that. Don’t want love from someone else more than you want love from yourself. You have time. If you are in your late 20’s and are still single and you are worried that your soulmate hasn’t come give it time because it will be worth the wait. Live that independent life and listen to “Dear No One.”

I am someone who hasn’t found their soulmate, I am starting to focus on myself. I hope you find yourself, be independent and let God or the universe work their magic.




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