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6 Ways to Simplify Your Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCC chapter.

Life can be messy. As a busy college student, balancing a social life, a work life, school, (possibly a love life) and trying to look cute doing it all is exhausting. Sometimes it feels so overwhelming, it’s easier to just lay down, watch Netflix and forget your problems- been there. But by following these easy ways to cut down on unnecessary stressors, you’ll likely become more proactive and less overwhelmed.

Stop saying yes to everything.

I am probably one of the worst offenders of this. Job opening? Sure, I could use some extra money. Internship, yeah okay that would be nice to put on a resume. A dog? I love dogs, I can definitely handle that. Parties every weekend, even if you open at work the next day? Absolutely. This habit of saying yes seems great until you’re up to your ears in responsibilities and obligations and need 4 cups of coffee to manage the day. Suffice to say, it’s better to enjoy a couple of activities and responsibilities than to suffer through everything and feel like you’re dying at the end of the day.

Donate clothes you don’t wear or don’t like.

Not only will this help you to organize your closet, it will help you to choose outfits faster instead of trying on that dress for the 20th time, knowing you don’t like the way it makes your armpit roll (you know the thing) look. Having less clothes also means a smaller laundry pile!

Stop talking to people you don’t like.

This doesn’t mean stop talking to your professor who seems to have no understanding of life outside of class, or your best friend’s boyfriend who you double date with frequently. This tip is specifically directed to people you have no obligation to see. If a person rubs you the wrong way and you don’t have to speak to them, why would you? Remove toxic people 2019.

Buy a calendar (and use it).

Filling out a planner might seem like it adds another task to your to-do list, but putting everything you need to do on paper can make it seem a lot more manageable. Plus, it makes it harder to forget things.

Don’t buy things you won’t use and don’t need.

If you aren’t sure if you’re in love with that dress DO NOT BUY IT! It doesn’t matter that it’s only $4 on super clearance when it’s normally $100.00. You’ll try it on every time you’re going out, waste time, not wear it, and it will end up on your floor. Just don’t do it.

Don’t take things just because they’re free.

Similar to the last rule, it doesn’t matter if it’s free if it’s just going to sit in your drawer for years. And come on, how many “This is what an awesome niner looks like,” tee-shirts do you really need?

Hannah Luke is an English major with a minor in Diverse Literature and Cultural Studies at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Hannah transferred from Clemson University where she was a writer for Her Campus Clemson, and the Secretary of RHA. She currently holds the position of Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at UNCC. Off Campus, Hannah works as a Copywriting Intern at a recruitment firm, and as a Barista for a local bakery. After graduation, Hannah hopes to be a travel or lifestyle journalist.