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4 Ways to Keep Learning Over Summer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNCC chapter.

During the summer, most college students like to give their brain a break. This means thinking of nothing but sun, hanging with friends, and the state of the characters on your current Netflix binge. I get it! After a long semester of what feels like drowning in information, it feels amazing to just let your mind go on autopilot and live with no worries about remembering Freud’s classifications of personality. That being said, summer (and all school breaks for that matter) is a great time to learn and challenge yourself by gaining knowledge on subjects you have a personal interest in. Classes do a great job of giving you information for your future career, and on many topics that the professors have significant interest in. But, it’s important to find your own passions and learn individually.


One of the easiest ways to keep learning over the summer without using too much brain energy, is by simply reading! There are tons of books out there stocked full of information on pretty much any subject that interests you. You can use reading as a way to get informed on topics you’re interested but might not know much about like Global Warming or United States government policies, or simply to learn more about yourself through self-help books. You could even use fiction novels to improve your reading comprehension skills, your vocabulary, and to increase your understanding of perspectives different from your own.


Another way to keep your mind in shape over the summer is by writing. Writing is an intellectually stimulating process that literally exercises your brain. You can write short stories or poetry to exercise creativity, or keep a journal to stay aware of your emotions and thoughts throughout the break. This can be especially helpful if you’re having a summer fling and need to figure out what you’re feeling.

Share Your Knowledge with Friends

Over the summer, we have a lot of time to to catch up with friends. This can be a great opportunity to share your accumulated knowledge with one another. College classes are expensive, so teaching friends can save you both a lot of time and money while giving you both a lot of new information!

Switch one of your Netflix Shows for a TED Talk

If it’s rainy out, you’re not working, or you simply don’t have plans for the day, Netflix is a reliable go-to for entertainment. But before you watch The Office for the who knows what time, see if there’s an interesting TED Talk or documentary on something your interested in! This can inspire you to keep learning about it, and help your mind to grow! 

Hannah Luke is an English major with a minor in Diverse Literature and Cultural Studies at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Hannah transferred from Clemson University where she was a writer for Her Campus Clemson, and the Secretary of RHA. She currently holds the position of Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at UNCC. Off Campus, Hannah works as a Copywriting Intern at a recruitment firm, and as a Barista for a local bakery. After graduation, Hannah hopes to be a travel or lifestyle journalist.